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Search for Therapists in South Africa - 2016-12-11

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Know ThySelf (spiritual self-help workbook)

Do you ever feel like success is always just around the corner, but the corner never ends?
Or that you are not quite ready for happiness and that dissatisfaction gnaws at your gut?
What about money? There is never really enough is there?
You drift along in life, never quite maki

Soul Journey

Experience the sweet high energy of the Soul Plane. Learn what is your heart’s desire as your Soul speaks with you, through your strong and bright column of light. Your heart opens and the beauty, love and power that flows through you, reminds you, that you are a wondrous child of light.

Reiki Wellness

Performers include: Deuter, Kamal, Anugama. This musical companion for Reiki healers showcases seven exquisite tunes (all previously released) by three innovators of the current new age scene: Kamal, Deuter, and Anugama. Deuter's "Flowing" and "Healing Circle" feature delicate piano parts circlin


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