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Auto Therapy - The Power to Heal Your Life

Based on the psychology of Freud, Maslow, Rogers and Frankl together with the timeless teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, the Torah and the Bible into one wild cocktail of auto therapy – a cocktail that can really heal your life.

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Body and Mind & Inspiration TV brings you webinars from the leaders in health, wealth,  social, spiritual, mind power and relationship to the comfort of your own home. 

That is… all the inspirational and transformational information, without the big price tag, and wit


IMAGINATION, INTUITION, INSIGHT. Lime base infused with Frankincense& Jasmine pure essential oils. This soap creates a feeling of calm and relaxation perfect to use in a warm bath before a meditation.

(Free delivery for all orders over R250.00)

Heavens Gift

Conversations beyond the Veil Previously published under the title Mike, this is a true and amazing account of the afterlife as given by a young man to his father on the earth plane. Clear accounts of the workings of the Heavenly Realms and their role in our lives here in this dimension are giv


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