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Search for Therapists in South Africa - 2017-02-26

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In Search of the Oracle

A book of spiritual philosophy reflecting the current thinking in attempting to reconcile aspects of science, psychology, religion and mysticism to a Higher Universe.

Sensual Massage for Her

Sensual touch is an art that can bring you so much pleasure, deepen the intimacy between you and be an amazing expression of love.
In this beautiful DVD Jonti Searll, South Africa's Sex Guru shares with you the secrets of sensual and erotic touch.
You will learn: the difference between sex

Course In Weight Loss

For so many people, whether your addiction is to a substance or merely to a certain way of thinking or acting, a profound humbling occurs when you realise that your problem is bigger than you are. The terror of realising, even dimly, that you have no control over a self-destructive pattern

Healing Music for Reiki 2

For many, music possesses a very real healing power and this second volume in Aeoliah's Angels of Healing series features some of his most soothing sounds to date. Composed and performed with relaxation or bodywork in mind, this synthesizer-based music is ideal for your next full-body massage, Re


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